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That “e” word

April 10, 2011


There was a time when the Internet was a novelty. This was when cash was still paid into tills, surfing usually involved a body of water, and the closest thing to Facebook was the family picture album.

What a difference a decade makes! As the Internet continues its steady diffusion into almost every aspect of our lives from business to education to socialisation, it now seems redundant to talk about the electronic or “e” version of things given there is no other version.

At AIC, we call it just marketing, or business, or learning (others share our sentiment). In the case of learning, too much is usually made of technology when the focus should be on the “learning” part—the impact that digital technology is having, how learning takes place in different contexts, sharing experiences and best practices, selecting good content, effective use of tools, and so on.

Next on our “Stop Calling It __!” list: “Digital Native” and “Digital Immigrant”, a dangerous opposition which overstates the technological rift between generations. Studies have demonstrated the lack of Internet savvy even among so-called digital natives when it comes to determining content credibility, conducting effective information search, and employing online tools. More than ever, media literacy education is crucial to provide guidance on using technology for learning.

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