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Getting educators to *Like technology

April 23, 2011

double standard

Lack of time is a common excuse educators give for not using technology in their teaching. But technology is no longer a luxury today; it is a necessity. And when something is necessary, you make the time.

Nonsense, say teachers. It is not necessary that we use technology to teach algebra/ literature/ metaphysics.

Perhaps so—20 years ago. But as technology continues to transform the way we work, play and live, it is time schools caught up with real life to meet the needs of the 21st century student. The challenge is helping teachers discover how technology can solve their classroom problems. And every teacher has problems. Just listen to any staffroom conversation.

The following diagrams show how technology, particularly social media, opens up a new and exciting world of resources and opportunities for educators.

Source: Alec Couros

Source: Alec Couros

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