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Learning through blogging

June 7, 2011


From encouraging idea sharing to improving writing skills to simply being plain fun, there are many reasons blogging is a great way to learn.

After all, students already own the tools (mobile phone, laptops, PDAs) and have the connections (500 friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter–that’s a lot of brains to pick!).

Nevertheless, as schools start to design lessons and assignments around blogs, educators have a responsibility to guide students on the finer points of blogging, so that learning is both meaningful and safe.

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  1. June 7, 2011 9:41 pm

    Yep, agree with all that, although there also needs to be a tolerance in learning-driven blogging activities for ‘failure’. After all, what is ‘safe’ in one context may not be safe in another.

    Instructors need to make use of the editing opportunities built in to blogging to allow students to experiment and to accept some consequences for their actions – and to edit appropriately. (And societies need to respect that editing process.)

    Trying to bullet-proof blogging practice before you begin to blog will put the practice off indefinitely. Best to proceed with caution, but importantly to *proceed*.

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