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Not quite born to blog

June 20, 2011

Organisations are generally optimistic about what social media will bring, not least of which is deliverance from the uni-directional push of static content reminiscent of the Web 1.0 era.

However, like winning the lottery, not knowing how to use what is given to you could be counter-beneficial, even disastrous. A recent survey conducted by market research firm uSamp revealed 60 percent of work interruptions were found to be caused by email, social networks or text messaging, and for businesses with 1,000 employees, these interruptions cost more than $10 million annually.

Rather than focus on the tools, businesses (and other types of organisations) should be figuring out how social learning—and its associated tools—can help them achieve their goals. The challenge will be to enable their members to move along the learning curve to become knowledge experts.

So, where on the curve are you?

Dreyfus model of skill acquisition

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